Today’s my sister’s birthday! Be sure to check her out at esteandginelle.com.

It’s my dream to plan all sorts of events. So, months ago, I asked her if she’d let me plan her 25th birthday party. She said yes! It was my first-time planning something so big from scratch. And I loved every second of it.

We partied 90s style in every way possible—food, music, movies, decor, games. Here’s a look into the planning and execution of the year’s hottest party!

For the center pieces, I spray painted mason jars neon colors. For added flare, I placed sparkly tissue paper in remaining mason jars and used them as floor decor.


Each mason jar was beautiful on its own. But to add dimension and excitement to the room, I decided to attach confetti filled helium balloons. 

confetti balloons

If it’s a party, there needs to be candy and party favors! Don’t sleep on Party City & Dollar General.

candy table

Extreme Twister, anyone?! My sister’s boyfriend put SIX Twister mats together.

extreme twister

Here’s a look at the whole room. 

entire room

Special thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, and contributed in anyway. Special, special thanks to my sister for letting me plan this party for her. You’re a super star. Happy Birthday!


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